14. Januar 2009

Urban Outfitters - NYC is still the real thing!

The first time I was inside an urban outfitters was in 2oo4. At that time I visited a friend in NYC and on my daily way to the subway I stumbled across it. I fell in love with it on the spot. Trendy furniture, cool clothes and adorable accessories.
So I was even more happy when I found out that they finally open a store in germany. Last monday I visited their Hamburg-Shop and I have to admit I was disappointed. At first everything seemed as usual. But the longer I was in there the less I felt that special something. Maybe it's because urban outfitters is an american shop for me - and a highlight of every visit. Maybe its because I like the american fashion much more than the stuff they had in Hamburg. Maybe its because the clothes are way more affordable in the states.
I don't know.

But I do know that I'm now looking forward to my next NYC-Trip even more. Dear urban outfitters on 72ed street - only eight more months!

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