29. Mai 2009

Stay With Me Forever

I'm thinking about getting a Tattoo. Well, I've been thinking about it a while but I think I finally know where I want it and what it'll be. I want something small, so that its not always THERE.. you know?!? And since my one true Love is Music I want it to have some kind of Connection with that. I decided to get the Tattoo behind my left Ear a while ago. Behind the Ear because thats close to... well the Ears. haha. And without them I wouldn't know Music. Plus you can hide it behind you Hair if you want to or show it.. always depending on what Hairstyle you wear. Left b/c for me left is the soft side of the Body, the feminine one.. closer to the Heart. I always felt that way, I dunno why. So first I was thinking the outline of a Heart. But now I'm thinking about a Clef (I think thats the english word for it), a "Music Key". I found a nice Example online, so I think I'm finally gonna go get an Appointment.
I know Tattoos behind the Ears are kinda en vogue (at least in Germany they are) and the idea is not like "WOW" so new or unique or whatever but I Love it and I think thats all that matters since I'll have to wear it.

Here is the Picture I found online (I don't want the stars and stuff around it). Unfortunatley I haven't saved the Link so if I'm violating some Copyright plz mail and I'll delete it.

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