18. Juli 2009

Dear Mr. Devine

how can you NOT promote your new CD over here? Ah! I just checked amazon and had to see that my by far favorite singer-songwriter Kevin Devine has a new CD out since...... APRIL! Argh! So amazon please hurry up bringing it to me- I can't wait!

I choose this clip - even tho it's a cover and he has SO M A N Y awesome Songs himself (you should listen to!) because this Cover made me love Nada Surf (I first heard him cover that song like 1 1/2 yrs ago) and it's just the way he is in that clip... that's just him. Whenever I've seen him live he's been so nice, friendly.. makes your heart melt! And the words to that song.. how can they not touch you? Argh. L O V E

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