29. Juli 2009

You are in a magazine, girl!

Ha! So my friend calls me yesterday and goes "hey girl, did you go to the Fest Van Cleef Festival like two weeks ago" and I go like "yeah why" and she goes "what kinda shirt did you wear?". So I'm thinkin... what kinda question is that but tell her anyway. She starts screaming and stuff and I'm like "Ok, whats going on?"
And she goes "I'm just reading this magazine and there is an ad where a guy is looking for a girl he saw at the Fest Van Cleef" and she tells me how he descirbes the girl and I'm like "Ok no doubt, he is looking for me"
I would post the ad but it's in german so you wouldn't understand it anyway but how cRaZy is that? Have you ever been searched via ad in a magazine? The ad goes on like I was to shy to go over to you because you were with all those girls but please E-Mail me and it has a Mailadresse also. Haha. I can't believe this. And what a coincidence that my friend read that ad because I never read that magazine- I just would have never known.
So I wrote him an Email and now I'm waiting for a replay. But he put that ad in like two weeks ago so he might have thought I'd never answer.. so I'm waiting now.

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